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Founded on the humble values and aspirations of life - hope, reward, ownership and togetherness, ARYUSH offers a platform of opportunities and support through extensive training resources, mentoring and self-empowerment programs to help you at every step in reaching your goals.

ARYUSH is a direct selling company based in Hisar ( Haryana ). Direct selling is about business organizations seeking a relationship with their customers without going through retail channels. Our versatile portfolio features an ever-increasing amount of classic and emerging brands across a wide range of product categories including personal care, home care & Health Care. The Team of ARYUSH has accumulated significant expertise over the past 15 years. Dedicated to offer best of products at affordable prices, ARYUSH has always stayed firm to its principle of customer satisfaction.

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There is no charge for registration as a Direct Seller. After scrutiny of the application form and documents and then the acceptance of applicant as Direct Seller, a Unique/Track ID Number will be given on website. After receiving the ID Number.

Sponsorship for new applicant shall be allowed only when proposer and sponsor complete purchases of minimum 1 Product. Purchases can be done in parts but it has to be completed in a single month (commencing from the first day of month to end of that month). If proposer or sponsor does not fulfill this condition, they will not entitled to sponsor. However Direct Seller will get performance bonus as per marketing plan by product purchases. One Direct Seller can sponsor as many person as he/she desire. Sponsor who is not Direct Seller can sponsor single new person but benefit privileges will be given only after becoming Direct Seller.

Director Message

Welcome Aryush! It is with greate pleasure that i am, writing you this convey my big thanks towards meaningful and succesful launch of Aryush. Your decision of coming on Aryush with us has already positioned you to reach the highest levels of success. You are a part of terrific team which can guide you through this exciting opportunity. I personally appreciate your decision for choosing this business platform. Undoubtedly, your presence has also enhanced our glory and strengzh. Aryush has prepared a strong platform for quantum of money through it's "SunGlobalAcademy"of money through its " internet through computer education" mission. I'm sure that you'll find our products useful which also opens avenues for you for expanding and creating your very own business. Your decision has already brought you closer to the success you had always dreamt of. Now, it's time to walk shoulder to shoulder with us and convert your dreams into reality.